New Guy Here - Wanting to build Siren

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Hey everyone, I just stumbled upon this site and I had to sign up right away. I have a little self-taught knowledge of electronics and circuits. Most of my interest came from doing car wiring. Anyways, really quickly... I am wanting to put together an alarm siren (for fun really) and I was wondering to play around with different tones and pitches... Maybe someone has a link more specific to this or something? I took apart one of the sirens that changes tones from like a police siren to everything else and I would like to put together something like that. Anyways, time for bed. Sorry for being so quick. Later


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One of the first projects I built multiples of was a simple 2 transistor siren circuit, when I get a chance I'll post the schematic. Odd really, it was on the other side of another schematic I looked up for another post.


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IC LM3909(or equivalent NTE 876) produces evenly spaced beeps which create fun or hypnotic effect.BUT, IC LM3909 not easily found in the market.


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Hmm - the LM3909 was developed to flash LEDs for a very long time from a single 1.5v battery. I've never seen an application for sound using that IC. I suppose it could be used, but starting with an obsolete (and expensive) IC seems to be a rather frustrating way to go.


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I think I still have a pill bottle kicking around full of them somewhere, though I may have given them away to an astronomy club (to make blinkers for a dark path leading to a big telescope).

The 555 has some interesting VCO configurations. Wonder if that could be turned into a siren?