new discoveries can make cpu 10 times faster?

Discussion in 'General Electronics Chat' started by luc vandevelde, May 15, 2009.

  1. luc vandevelde

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    May 15, 2009
    i made in the past few years 2 discoveries when working on my own cpu
    - the digital signal amplifier (dsa)
    - the delta adder/subtractor (das)

    i have searched the internet and still noone has invented these...
    i refuse to patent my inventions... so here they are for all to see

    - the dsa simply is an inverter tree... the rule of thumb is that no inverter
    in the tree should drive more than 4 other inverters...
    for example a tree with 2 stages has upto 16 outputs and can drive 64
    loads with only 12 inverter delay (instead of 64)
    when u have to drive 1000 inputs from 1 signal, u need 4 stages and the
    delay would be 20 instead of 1000... 50x speedup!

    - the das is somewhat more complicated
    the das is simply an ordinary ripple carry add/sub circuit with on its outputs a delta (change) detector... the logic is simple... when the outputs are stable for long enough the operation is finished!
    offcourse a CPU using a delta-detector would have to run with a variable
    clock speed
    a 32bit das runs on average 5 times faster than a conventional circuit!

    Ive been working on a new x86 compatible cpu for years now
    Ive developed my own cad system for it
    the cpu contains these 2 inventions throughout and seems to be about 8
    times faster than a pentium
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    Feb 4, 2008
    Why don't you make an offer to a company which makes CPUs?

    They may find this interesting if you are serious and have drawings and that stuff to prove it.