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    Nov 18, 2004

    For the beginning let me say that this is by far the best book on electronics I've ever read. The style is so clear that I actually like reading it. Not being attacked with tens of calculus formulas surely has its merits :) And the fact that it is free makes the whole thing just perfect.
    My question: is the author still working on the book? Are there any updates ready? I made it to part III and it feels weird to see all those "pending" or "not complete" phrases getting so dense :( So, please let me know the status of the whole thing. I'm just curios. And very unpacient :)
    Thank you for your wonderful work.

    Bogdan M.
  2. Dcrunkilton

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    Jul 31, 2004

    Tony Kuphaldt, the original author, is no longer working on the series of "Lessons in Electricity" volumes. Will he will be back in a few years? I don't know. For the next few years he is too busy with other professional and personal projects. See his previous posts to this forum.

    In the mean time, I am working on Volume four, Digital. One chapter, "Karnaugh Mapping", was added about the middle of the year. I have been working on the "Shift Registers" Chapter. It may be out in about a month with minor revisions to other volumes. I may be done with the missing chapters in another year in the Digital volume. At that Time, I would look at the Semiconductor volume missing sections.

    The major application of Tony's work is now

    Contributions to the missing sections are surely welcome.

    Dennis Crunkilton