new cables - crimping AMP contacts

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Greetings -

I would like advice from several of you hobbyists -

How do you make cables with individual crimp-on contacts?

Here's why I'm asking I would like to crimp on some AMP contacts onto some wire to make a what I would call a standard 2 row 0.1" center connector -

The header and contacts are inexpensive - but the hand tool for crimping is several hundred dollars.

I'm hoping there is an inexpensive way to make cables.

For example - I have a bought circuit board with a 2-row 0.1" centers male header on it and I need to plug up to a few of those pins and I have some AMP (tyco) connectors and contacts. I would like to use 22+ awg for 2 of the pins.

Obvious for some applications I could use smash on ribbon style but this limits on wire size and wire routing.

How do you deal with connectors and the expense of the hand tool (crimper).




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You can get by with a Waldom model W-HT1921 crimper. You will spoil a few pins before you get the technique, but it will make the crimps.

The compression is not as firm as with the AMP tool. If the wire gauge is fine, double the bare part over to get a better crimp.

Very careful mashing with needlenose pliers will work, but it's iffy.


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your either crimp with pliers, solder the terminals to the wire, or pop $ for the crimper. Look around at the various vendor sites. I know has several types of crimpers under $100($75 for the ones I'm thinking of)