New and Improved Electret Mics....Where are they?

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I have recently found information on TI and National websites regarding new tiny amplifier chips made for use in electret microphones. These new amps are supposed to be superior to the old JFET amps that electrets typically contain. I have tried to contact these vendors in an effort to find some of these new electret mics but cannot get a response from them. The information on mics i do find at vendor sites does not seem to contain specifics about wether the new amp is used or not. If anyone knows where i can get some of these new mics please let me know.

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Do you have a link to the product announcement page for the name of the technology?

I might have something in my TI filtered mailbox that I rarely/never read, so I need some words to search for, though a link would be best.

How long ago was this announced?