New AC Motors Chapter

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The new AC motors chapter for Volume 2 has gone through a major revision as of July 31 2006; though, the date in the files is June 15 2006. I do not expect the copy at to have other than minor typo changes going forward. Now would be a good time to load it at allaboutcircuits.

From time to time other chapters in the volumes have been corrected for minor errors. This is documented in the log file.

My next goal is to attack the cause of most of the questions about incomplete material. This is mostly related to text that needs to be written for the Semicondutor volume 3. There are other affeced volumes, (Digital) but most all inquiries are about the Semiconductor volume. Since so many chapters are affected, this will take time. However, a reasonable goal would be to release whatever new material is available near the 1st of the year.