Neutrinos clocked moving at faster-than-light speed


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I did't read that but its all over the news.Its still not confirmed but if it happens, then Einstein's theory of special relativity will be challenged and Energy equals to the product of mass and the square of the light's velocity (E = mc^2) have to be rewritten.


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Yeah, I read that article a couple of days ago. It's incredible! The speed they measured was not perfectly accurate, but if it was faster than the speed of light, then that's quite a breakthrough. Einstein, you may have been beaten this time...

Also, if these neutrinos did travel faster than the speed of light, I suppose that gives basis to the idea of time travel, which is pretty crazy....


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Actually, CERN is asking for help in repeating or accounting for errors in the experiment. It is possible that experimental error alone could account for it. We have another thread on the same story.

FTL Neutrinos?

At this point in time they are working on it.