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A company has five departments, administration, Human resources, Finance, IT and engineering in 4 floors. The number of users for each department is shown in the figure. Administration and HR department is connected to a one switch although they belong to two networks. IT department should be able to communicate with all the departments. Finance and HR departments should be able to communicate with each other. All of the departments should have internet access except finance division. Engineering division should have wireless internet facility. Design a network for this company assuming you are using real world routers, switches and other components. You should provide routing tables too.
I'm new to networking!!so could someone be kind enough to help me with this!


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I am sure that everyone in your course is just as new to networking as yourself. What exactly do you expect from us? BTW, this is not a difficult problem. Why not get together with some others doing the same course and work this out?

Maybe you missed/ignored something in your lectures.