"network topology" for NMEA 0183 protocol

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    Jan 17, 2007

    What "network topology" is NMEA 0183 typically used in? Is it intended only for point-to-point wiring?

    In the standard.

    • Communication is asynchronous. Talkers (remote devices) can transmit whenever they wish. NMEA 0183 protocol doesn't define collision resolution.
    • There are predefined Talker IDs. But what to do if there are 2x identical depth sounders? The sentences don't have fields for numeric addressing.
    • Standard suggests RS-422 and RS-232 for electrical interface. These are intended for point-to-point communication.

    Any suggestion, insight or reference is really appreciated!

    - Nick

    P.S. There is NMEA 2000, which runns on a multidrop CAN bus. There are also NMEA 0183 to Ethernet bridges. I'm aware of them.
  2. HDowns

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    Nov 24, 2010
    Yes, this is point-to-point network. NMEA 0183 devices work as master. NMEA 0183 devices can't be addressed without additional hardware.