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    Nov 24, 2011
    There are two computer user sharing information each other via web server
    computer--------- web server ----------computer
    distance between to computers is 200 km

    but I want make device that collect the information from environment and send information to another user
    network enabled device -- web server -------- computer

    Now I want to develop that device
    First step I am collecting part for device

    1)transmitter and receiver for RF wave (for creating web server )
    3)memory (ram and rom memory )
    6)real time operating system

    I am student I am reading theory I don't have much knowledge how small component connect with each other and make big device like computer, cell phones .
    my attempt
    I always read that If you want to create some big things you need to learn small thing . until you don't understand the small thing you can't create big circuit
    1)device need web server so I choose transmitter and receiver circuit because I read in book that transmitter is use to transmit signal and receiver is used to receive the signal
    2)i need sensor to collect information I have not decide which sensor I will use I will tell you later
    3) microprocessor do arithmetic and logic operation , micro processor is used in embedded system
    4) I select memory because i need to store data somewhere

    finally I really need to someone advice because its very tough to implement any hardware
    I am collecting information according to theory , someone please tell me how to implement that device I mean what strategy we need to apply to make that type of device

    welcome for any advice