Network circuit analysis calculations

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    Jul 5, 2012
    :mad:Please friends i need help on an assignment on my 3yr network analysis calculation please help now if possible.
    (1a) two batteries A and B are connected in parallel and load of 1Ω is connected across their terminals, A has an emf of 12v and an internal resistance of 2Ω: B has an emf of 8v and an internal resistance of 1Ω. use kirchhoff's laws to determine the values and directions of the currents flowing in each ofthe batteries and fin the external resistance. also determine the p.d across the external resistance.
    (1b) the four arms of a Wheatstone bridge have the following resistance; AB=100, BC=10, CD=4, DA=50 ohms. a galvonometer of 20Ω resistance is connected across ED calculate the current through the galvanometer when a p.d of 10v is maintained across AC.
    thanks guys i need help on this.
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    Hi there,

    Keep in mind the point that you are expected to show some working - however flawed - before assistance is offered.
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    sir the truth is that i donot have any ideals about this questions, it is different from what he taught us. It's a class of four (4) and all of us are at larger not having ideals.
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    Have you made a sketch or schematic of each problem? It often helps to have a diagram that is labelled with the given and unknown values. Sometimes the solution becomes apparent when you have a picture in front of you.
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    This is now at least the third time you have posted these same questions trying to get someone to do your work for you. You won't put even a simple sketch of the circuit together - I put one together for your first circuit and posted it in the first thread you started on this.

    You say that this is different than anything you have done in class. Well, given that this is very basic circuit analysis, you are going to have to clue us in on what you have done in class. Otherwise, whatever we suggest to you is likely to be too advanced for you at this stage.

    I asked very simple and specific questions to guide you to the solution, and you have ignored them. You won't even try to answer them.

    All appearances are that you simply want someone to work the problem for you and then to give you the solution so that you can copy it and give it to your instructor claiming that it is your work. You are unlikely to find such "help" from the people on this (or any) forum.