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I know I'm running the risk of repeating the same query , but still , as my problem is a bit more specific, here goes :

Does there exist a software that would take a gate-level netlist( written acc. to the format prescribed by ISCAS89 benchmark circuits ) , and draw the corresponding circuit ( schematic) from it ? If so, I would be grateful if u could provide a link or even name of the tool...

By ISCAS89 format , i'm giving a small example :

# c17
# 5 inputs
# 2 outputs
# 0 inverter
# 6 gates ( 6 NANDs )



10 = NAND(1, 3)
11 = NAND(3, 6)
16 = NAND(2, 11)
19 = NAND(11, 7)
22 = NAND(10, 16)
23 = NAND(16, 19)

I'd like the tool to take the above as input and draw the corresponding circuit of 6 nand gates, with labelled signals lines etc.

It would be really helpful if such a tool existed...I hope it does !! :)


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Tools exist because there is economic benefit to producing them. I don't think much has changed in the last three years. If the tool is not evident from the package that generated the netlist then I think you are out of luck.

There is one very small chance. If you can convert your netlist to one that does have a netlist to schematic tool, such as LTSpice, then there is an outside chance to succeed.

We used this technique to translate a design from an ASIC netlist to a Xilinx netlist. Once we got the process debugged it worked really well. It was never used to generate schematics, just to program Xilinx FPGA chips from the netlist.