NetBeans Desktop Application in Java

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I'm learning how to designs GUI's but I realized it's something that can take ages to learn since putting component after component in the frame AND then placing them in the right position can give you a lot of work.

As you may know, NetBeans can do that for you, you don't even have to write the code, you do have to do write the functions of what you want the components to do but that's the easy part I guess.

My question is, in reality, do people at work use those Desktop Application tools? is that considered "cheating"? would you recommend creating GUIs writing line by line?


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is that considered "cheating
recommend creating GUIs writing line by line?
No,but you should know how to do that as sometimes we have to take control over the framework.

Today GUI interfaced application programs are no more written using line by line,as today software are too complex and development time is short,so its better to use a GUI building tool for the GUI structure rest is upto the programmer.

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