Neogium Treadmill Model no T0674

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    Jan 7, 2012
    Hi ,

    Recently i repaired a Treadmill it was a Korean made " NEOGIUM ", one MOSFET shorted in the motor control board. After replacing it and tested
    ok..speed up and speed down ok..i even jogged on it for 5 minutes and it seems ok.
    On next day when used it for 15 minutes and suddenly a burned smell came out underneath the conveyor belt. When i checked it , i found the motor already burned.
    The motor is from Dauntech Co.Ltd ,Korea DM-07 ,3300rpm 180vdc 5A dc motor.( max 1.2hp) I tried to switch " ON " the unit with the motor terminal disconnected. There is 346Vdc , so the motor control board also have some problem. I planning to use a different type of motor and a control board which i can purchase it locally in Malaysia.There is two flat cable attached the motor control board , one is from the tacho/pulse generator and the other on from the Main user panel. I am not sure the signals on this cables.
    Can anyone please provide me the circuit diagram for this model.
    Thank you.