Negative Resistance in transformation

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    Dec 23, 2011
    hi everyone :

    if you look at the attached photo you can see that its a (Δ to Y) transformation

    but the true problem is the brunch (a) : when applying the transformation we get a capacitance = -j3 and a resistance= -3 in ohms .

    now if i'm to apply the star circuit in real life there is no negative resistance :(
    i have been trying to find an answer to my Q for the past 2 weeks and all that i can find is the same information related to negative resistance and not a single example for such a pure resistance like in my case ,and the best part is : its a simple example on star-delta transformation given to me by my teacher and he has no idea of the term (negative resistance) and to make you laugh more " He teaches electronics and general circuit Analysis " :mad:

    so please just tell me what is going on in brunch (a) . thanks :)