Needed help on a Lab Project

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Hi everyone,
I am needing help on building a Basic home security system on a protoboard. I don't know were to begain.

This project must include the following:
1. Security interfaces for two doors and one window.
2. Circuit to determine which one has been activated.
3. Read-out to indicate which interface is reporting. (7 segment LED)
4. Alarm activation circuit.

What chips should I use? Any help would be apreciated. A schematic of the circuit would be great!


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What have you come up with so far? Generally you will get a much better response if you show some of your efforts before hand.

With so little zones, I would probably just use some flip-flops, kinda like a game show buzzer system, only the door/window opening would activate that circuit. Then you can use some AND gates to block out the other zones if you want, however most real security systems will continue to allow other zones to enter the alarm state even if one has already activated. You could then use the flip-flop output and a controller to light a seven segment LED display.

I'm sure someone else has a more creative idea, but this will do the job.