Need your advices to my PIR sensor based project


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aw c'mon man the dummy car is obviously autonomous (not RC, scratch that), with the same GPS destination programmed as the car.

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how about a sacrificial dummy car (RC) to be outfitted with PIR sensors and bluetooth, and go out ahead of the real car and report road conditions in advance? That way the driver could know about wrecks over the top of a hill.
Hey.. My project should be something which can present in a room. Therefore I can't even think about real cars.
I think I am going off topic, anyway I think it is better to stick with this thread. I got following basic ideas from the internet which are I like to deal with.

  • Bluetooth Enabled Home Automation Controller

  • Bluetooth Remote Control System for operating Home Electrical Appliances

  • Bluetooth Enabled Handheld Intelligent Multi-Parameter Monitoring System with LCD Display

  • Wireless Secured Data Transmission System using Bluetooth Communication
Please do not give ideas like simple remote control systems. Also I like to deal with Android based electronic projects as my final year project. Any new good Ideas?