Need Ultra sonic cleaning information

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Hi all I own a mobile repair bussiness and I'm looking for info on a ultra sonic cleaner for motherboard cleaning..
Now I see some forsale at 30-50watt and 50-60hz
Would this be suitable for motherboards?
Also would isopropyl 99% alcohol be fine to use in it?
Any info at all would be great thank you


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They don't run at 50 Hz to 60 Hz. That's the power line frequency.
Is 50W suitable? Depends on the size of the board. Should be plenty for an iphone.
Isopropyl? Depends on what you're trying to clean off.
A long time ago, I worked a Mil-spec factory and they loaded the cleaners with Xylene, Toluol, or related solvent. Probably not right for you because this was new work and needed the flux removed from the lead containing solder.

There's a start.

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Hi there thank you for taking the time to reply..
It's just to clean a water damaged iPhone motherboard that has corrosion on it.
At the moment I just use isopropyl with a brush and scrub the board and has worked well for me but because the new iPhones have shields on the boards that you cannot take off a ultra sonic cleaner would be the way to go.
So do you think the 30-50 watt would be ok?


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I'm just surprised there is enough work out there just justify a "mobile cleaning" truck complete with ultrasonic washer..
Guess Iphone users are really clumsy..


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Consider this... I have an ultrasonic parts cleaner I use for cleaning partially dismantled leaf-shutter mechanisms...

Also, an ultrasonic cold-mist humidifier for the bedroom at night while the forced hot air is running, 'cuz the doors stay closed to keep the cats out...

I have had this humidifier for many years, and in maintenance cleaning, the transducer that churns up the water above it to create the mist, really hurts / burns like hell when you stick an uneducated finger in it while it is running...:eek:

Based on that, I seriously wonder if the potency of the vibration would be detrimental to the internal structure of microchips or other components...

Food for thought... I would try a nondescript working circuit, and torture it a little to find out if it would damage things...