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    May 2, 2012
    hi Guys and Gals,

    First some history, my daughter has "lost" her blazer at school again. At $180 a pop I want to find where the next one goes.

    This is what I would like.

    A receiver (don't know what type) is sewn into the lining of the blazer. A transmitter (open to recommendations) , hand held, with one button will make a buzzer work in the blazer when pressed. Hence I can find the current owner of the blazer.

    It has been a long time since I have done any circuits and am not familiar with current chips hence this request for help on the forum.

    the receiver should have a low current drain so the 3V button battery lasts about a year before needing to be replaced.
    Prefer a range of about 100m to suit a school ground.
    Should be as small as possible.
    I know it should be water proof however I am happy to take the thing out for the dry cleaning about once a year.

    I am confident with electronics, so I don't want a total solution however if someone can recommend a suitable starting place or chip for the receiver it would be appreciated.

    I am sure this must have happened to you all with children as well so all recommendations will be looked at. If however you could point me to a project on the site then all the better as well.

    I have considered a GPS tracker however they are price prohibitive.

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    Nov 30, 2010
    Ten years ago I bought a thing called a cat tracker for less than $20 and it was just the ticket. The cat end of it was small enough to attach to your glasses, so that's what we used it for.

    Now I search for "cat tracker" and I get GPS devices that cost $300 and up. I think this is called, "progress". Maybe more searching will find the $20 device.

    Here's one for only 5 times what I paid.
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    May 2, 2012
    thanks - will give it a look on google
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    Stop buying her expensive blazers. Let her buy it with her own money if she wants it.

    btw, nice palindrome.
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    Well, if your still interested in pursuing this project, check out Rentron and check out the different remote control devices.... The pinned Linx Modules can run on low voltages so they could run off of 1 CR2032 coin cell battery.... dont know how long the battery will last on the receiver end (since this will always have to be on to receive a signal from a transmitter) you may have to do some testing to figure how often you would have to change the battery..... (or come up with a way to "wirelessly" charge it when she hangs it on the coat rack or something).... If you couple the receiver circuit with a low power/ low pin count microcontroller, you may be able to extend the battery life by being able to put the unit to "sleep" until a valid signal is received......

    Another way to do it:

    Build a transmitter circuit into the coat, and a receiver circuit that can attach to your kid, when the coat gets "too far" from your daughter or vise versa, the coat will emit a beep/tone until it is brought back in close proximity to her....


    just buy this and imbed it in the coat...
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    nommadamon (or admins) change your location. Not cool.