Need to reduce rpm's of 6 volt motor

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Have one of those spinning wing decoys with 6 volt motor. Want to reduce the speed of the motor to about half. Is there a potentiometer or resistor available for this? Thanks, Mark


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You mabe able to use a rheostat, which is the same thing used in old toy trains (the big black box with the knob on top), and in slot-car hand controllers. It mainly depends on how much power the rheostat (pot) will need to dissipate vs. the voltage /current required by the motor -- which is why they tend to be so large.


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As a cheapo suggestion, eliminate one battery (this assumes the decoy has 4 AA or C cells). Cut a dowel to length, wrap it in foil, and use it to take the place of one battery. This will reduce the voltage and possibly make the motor run slower.