Need to make a Solar Auto Transfer Switch

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Heyllo !

I have a very small 300W Solar PV in my office cabin which is capable of running a Fan and two CFLs.

I also have an AC which runs from grid. My problem is, the grid is down most of the time as its outskirts of City. I need to run my AC from DG Set I have. But when DG is running, inverter I have also gets power from DG and tries to charge the batteries which are already connected to a Solar Charge Controller.

I want to use something like Auto Transfer Switch which disconnects the Solar when Inverter is getting power from DG set and tries to charge the batteries.

I also have a Stabilizer installed to keep the voltage regulated from DG set. Becuase of this, sometimes power goes off for 2 to 3 mins while on DG.

I was thinking of a DPDT relay, but not sure, what when it disconnects the power from Inverter and connects the Solar, can we still use inverter which gets power from batteries?