Need to know what kind of resistor i have.....


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I found a KTA1046 over at Alldatasheet:
You'll probably have to click here:
and then click on the link to the right of "Download" to view it in your browser.
Here's a direct link to a PDF datasheet from another site:

It appears that Quest Components has some stock:
They have a $25 minimum order.

Digikey carries these Sanyo transistors:
Datasheet: Sheets/Sanyo Energy/2SB1274,2SD1913.pdf
Looks to me like they're a pretty good match for yours. Power dissipation is 20w vs 25w which is somewhat of a concern; but they're $0.88/ea, and only have a few left.
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@ derstrom8
your right its a transistor sorry.

@ sgtwookie
my only concern is that the y numbers dont match. does it make a difference?
Example the y number on my transistor says y017 and the ones that i found on your suggested sites say y709 or y136.
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The letter and string of 3 digits is the lot number. The transistor itself should be the same as what's in the datasheet.

Glad to help! :)