Need to know more about Ultrasnoic level Transmitter

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    Oct 27, 2010
    Hello all,

    Im currently working on a university project and I need some help in the water level measurements. We are using an Ultrasonic level sensor for our measurement and compact field point from national instrument. my sensor number is
    ( UCL-510 : )

    what I need is help in how can I drive this sensor with the compact field point I mean I need some wiring diagram do connect the sensor to the computer.

    another questions:
    in the sensor specifications I found the there are Rx (input) and Tx (output) what are these for and how can I use them
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    If you install and run the software referenced on the data sheet for the UCL-510, it has a wiring diagram for a sample installation. It would be up to you to substitute the various alarm horns or the 4-20ma loop to your PLC inputs. It seems that the has a lot of programmable flexibility through the USB interface. The white and green (RX TX) wires are used for the programming. This thread may be better placed in the HOMEWORK area of the forum.
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