Need to find DATA.

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Hey guys.

My li-on charger went kaput. :mad:
I found the component shown below dead short. It's a SOT-23 Package.
No is as written N0190.

I believe it is a transistor as I have a second charger.
What I like to know is the DATA so I can replace it.

Second problem i sthe below FET's
These are fom a Y-SUS PCB & PSU of a 42" Panasonic Plasma TV.

Just in case the last one starts with a R, i.e RJP30H2A.
I have the nikos data (P1260ATF)

Does any of the members know hot to get the specs of all the components.



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Here you are Lieutenant Commander Data :p

But joking aside could it ne that the code is just N0(1) and the 190 is just some other info. In my Turuta databok I found some info about N0(1). Not that it is perfact in any way

N0 BFR505T Si-npn SATV, 20V, 18mA, 150mW, B=60..250, 9GHz SOT-416 16ta - 3a Phi
N0 ELM7640LAB Vdet-IC 4.0V±2%, -Reset PPO, 250ms SOT-23 16vdc VD7 3d Elm
N0 R1100D201C LVR-IC U-low Icc, 2V±2%, 180mA SON1408-3 18vj VR1 3d Ric
N0 R3111N502C Vdet-IC 5V±2%, -Reset ODO SOT-23 16vdd VD6 3d Ric
N0 R3130N40DC Vdet-IC 4V, -Reset ODO, 200ms SOT-23 16vdc VD6 3b Ric
N0 TC54VN3002ECB Vdet-IC 3.0V±2%, -Reset ODO SOT-23 16vdb VD6 3a Tcs
N0 TN0200T n-MOSFET-e V-MOS, LogL, 20V, 0.73A, <0.44 SOT-23 16fh - 3a Six​
N0 XC61CN3002M Vdet-IC 3V±1%, +Reset ODO SOT-23 16vdb VD6 3d Tor
N0 XC6GN3002HR Vdet-IC 3.0V, +Reset ODO USP-3 17vdc VD1 9b Tor​
N01 DDTC113TCA Si-npn-Digi Sw, 50V, 100mA, 200mW, 250MHz, R1=1k SOT-23 16ta - 3d Di
N01 DDTC113TE Si-npn-Digi Sw, 50V, 100mA, 150mW, 250MHz, R1=1k SOT-523 16ta - 3d Di
N01 DDTC113TKA Si-npn-Digi Sw, 50V, 100mA, 200mW, 250MHz, R1=1k SC-59 16ta - 3d Di
N01 DDTC113TUA Si-npn-Digi Sw, 50V, 100mA, 200mW, 250MHz, R1=1k SOT-323 16ta - 3d Di
N01 SST4391 n-FET Sw, Chopper, 40V, Idss=50mA, 350mW, Up<10V SOT-23 16fa - 3a Cal​