Need to create a Project of Crane and need help regarding that !!!

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Hello Gurus,

I am new to electronics world and have a strong interest in it. I would like to create my first project which is a crane which has to lift around 10Kg weight and bring it back down.
The requirements are below:
1. Two push button movement one to lift and the other to bring back the weight.
2. I do not want to use microprocessor in this project as it will complex it.
3. Need suggestion which motor should I use and how should i design the circuit.
4. I would also like to have a durable motor so that it does work for a long time. At the same time I am also hoping that it should not be very costly.
5. What are the criterion on which I should make a selection of the motor ?
6. One more thing that concerns me is how to stop the motor as I want to go exactly 1 meter up and then bring down the weight when the other button is pressed.
7. I would also like to know as what would happen if the weight is increased or decreased. As my intentension is that the crane should always move 1 meter up and 1 meter down exactly ?

I would really appreciate you inputs regarding this and I would also be eagerly waiting for your response on this.




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You will want to get a motor with a gear box that has the strength to pull at least 10Kg.
(I would go larger for reliability)
You will also need to incorporate a type of holding system or brake to keep the load from unwinding back down when you stop the motor.

As for the rise and fall distance, that can be done with microswitches to halt the load at one meter.

The circuit design can be very simple. A simple 2 button design with 2 contactors and 2 microswitches.
You then have to worry about what will be powering it all. Battery (not likely) 120vAC 240vAC? More?

The first step would be to get a motor and gearbox with the lifting capabilities you want.

Once you have that, the wiring can be figured out. You will want to get a motor that is reversible also.


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A DC motor would be easiest to use, as it is reversible by interchanging the leads.

If you can find a motor with a gear reduction, look for one that uses a worm drive. That eliminates the need for a brake (the worm and the driven gear take the load).


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It is most important to know the maximum load lift speed, as this will determine what horsepower motor you need. For example a tiny motor can lift many tons at a very low speed with a very high gear ratio.