Need some reassuring on this electricity question (phaser) (power factor)

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Im working this question, not sure if Im doing the right thing.
I'll post what Ive done so far in a bit cuz Ive got a bit of corrections to do so if anyone could help me out to see if Im on the right track dat would be awesome.

1) A small factory has the following loads installed

a. a welder 10 KVA

b. AN evacauation pump 5hp 0.75 pf lagging

c. 35 double florescent lamps 45 watts 0.4 pf lagging

d. A wind turbine at 5kw

e. Induction motor drawing 45amps at 0.65 pf lagging

A. Find total current and power factor (phaser)

B. Find the Active, reactive and apparent power

C. Draw to scale the power triangle

D. On that phaser determine graphically what would be the apparent and reactive power if the pf was improved to 0.5 lagging


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You haven't told us what the supply voltage is, whether it's single or 3-phase and whether the wind turbine is a generator or really also a load (?).

BTW it's written "phasor" not phaser.

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my bad

um the wind turbine is just a load

and the voltage supply is single phase

tnx for the phasor correction I saw it in red and assumed the spelling was wrong