Need some help with Stripboard wiring

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Hello, i am a someone who is trying to make MintyBoost by myself without the PCB. I find that the PCB is abit expensive hence i decided to do this on a stripboard. I was looking around online for converting the PCB design to Stripboard but apparently its not that easy. I was reading an article about designing for stripboard via EAGLE. So i have followed that and did that. I need some help regarding the layout of the Components and whether my schematics are correct. I followed the schematics hereand designed my own due to the files not being available for download yet.

Here are my .sch and .brd files. I have already soldered and its really messy. I am a beginner at this so i do not really know how to debug except by using a multimeter to test the connections but still i am not really sure. Hope i can get some response from the people here!




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Bill_Marsden made some stripboard templates, that you edit in any Windows paint type editor, search for PaintCAD in the top right corner. I also found an application called "Stripboard Magic", just google it. I have not used it, but it looks like what you are after.

Planning is important, but don't let it get you down, especially as a beginner. One thing I found out the hard way, is to use the type of stripboard with individual, seperate solder pads. The most common type has copper strips joining holes in rows, but these are a pain to work with, since you have to cut the strips to seperate different tracks.