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    Nov 29, 2008
    Hi guys,
    I'm using one of Nuvoton's ISD151xx chips and I only have their preliminary datasheet and design guide which don't help me much.

    What I'm trying to achieve is to write digitally (using the digital write SPI command) several WAV files on the chip's memory and then activate them as a voice macro (using execute voice macro command).

    From the datasheets I figured out that the chip needs to be in a Power Up state before I can do anything with it. I tried sending the power up spi command (0x10) once and then executed several other commands like read status and read device ID, and got a PD='1'. But when I sent the power up command again and again, or with another command, again read status 0x40 in a loop, PD was '0'. So my first question is how to properly power it up so it will accept my commands for voice macro activation and then power it down?
    As far as I know I only need to send the PU command once as the first command it receives and it should work - maybe I need something else?

    My second question is how to write to the memory and make those voice macros?
    I really need some kind of a step-by-step algorithm here, including first initialization because the chip I got is not pre-programmed.

    I'd really like to work with this chip because the features are very neat :)

    Oh, if it's important I'm using an FPGA (coding in VHDL) as a master controller for the ISD.

    Additional info:
    Component's datasheet:
    Design guide:
    (I'll upload it to another source)
    EDIT: both PDFs:
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