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    Dec 29, 2010
    we have a pool in our new home and have three kids, with the fourth on the way. We want to make sure the back door is locked at all times. If the oldest goes outside the back door to do anything we want them to lock the door and when they return inside to lock it back. We would like some sort of alarm to sound any time the lock is open to remind anyone going in or out to lock it back.

    My idea is to use a SPST switch like this,

    Inside the door frame from the deadbolt. Run a line up the door frame, midway, then add a key switch to deactivate the alarm if needed, like this one:

    Then have a some sort of box at the top of the door with a buzzer and blinking LED that would go off any time the dead bolt was unlocked and stay that way until the deadbolt is locked back.

    What type of buzzer, LED would be good for this and is there a diagram or kit, or description on how to build the Buzzer and LED with the correct batteries to use for this?

    I just am not sure on the wiring of all this. What type to use, what battery is good for what buzzer and what LED and if there is other parts i would need like resistors or anything.

    Any help would be appreciated,

    Thank you
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    Your local Walmart has a number of simple solutions for this issue made just for the DIY handyman.

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    Can you describe the door construction & dead-bolt lock, surface mount or imbedded, wood or metal? Some usefull parts from All Electronics: Reed SW CAT # MS-11 $ 2.75; RSW-27 2 / $1; magnet MAG-80; buzzer SBZ-204 or 201; flashing LED-red LED-4; flashing yellow LED-72Y; green LED LED-2.