Need some help identifying components from TV/Radio (big parts haul)

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Hey all,

I have just taken apart an old television/radio/tape player combo and stripped a lot of parts from the boards for the afternoon - what an exciting life I lead!

There are a couple questions I have about what I found though...there are some capacitors that I would like to identify - is it possible to tell what type of capacitor you have from the style/colour of it alone? Here's a pic of the caps found in the piece, I'm mostly wondering about the blue ones, the clear-ish green one and the yellow box, but I'm not too sure about the green ceramic-looking caps and the big brown high voltage ones.

I also managed to snag some beefy electrolytic caps as well, including a non-polarised cap. What are these used for? Also a beefy 10,000uF 35V cap

Anyways, these are the components that are really perplexing me. I've figured out that the black box is a piezoelectric 64uS delay line. I also think the big white box is an inductor of some sort, I opened it up and found a winding of some sort, found in the second picture.

The things I'm having trouble with are the three pin components, no idea what they are. Also, the things up top...are they just Inductors?? They are ceramic to the touch. The little two pin component is a diode, anyone have any idea what time? It says 06B on the back...

Any help is much appreciated! thank you!


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The small orange box is an AM IF resonator. Usually 455 KHz, also 500 or 560 KHz.

The small blue components are Tantalum caps.

In the last picture, the two three pin components, these are ceramic resonators. The Frequency is usually printed in MHz. 6M = 6 MHZ, or 6.00 etc.

The non-polarized caps are used for audio signals, or in general, AC signals.

The 500 KHz resonator can be used for microcontroller, but is worth just a few cents. You need 2x 27 pF caps as well on each pin, to ground. The 3 pin resonators can be used directly.

While it can be interesting, and some parts can be useful for experiments, in general, it is not even worth the labour cost. Don't be tempted to desolder all the resistors etc. from circuit boards, and stockpile them.


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Third picture are "white blocks" are resistors high wattage
"green , blue, brown 3 pin devices" are ceramic filters.
"Delay line 4 pin device, is for the chroma video system.
"two pin device" single diode.

Forth picture looks like an inductor, coil or delay line.
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With the delay line ( which is a delay line ) are some power resistors, a diode, probably a rectifier, and perhaps some resonators ( three pin devices )

You may also find this useful
Thanks so much for the help everyone! That link is really good, will take a good look at that later. Definitely one for the favourites.

I'd never heard of a ceramic resonator, interesting :/ always useful to have this stuff about.

I was actually in need of some tantalum caps - also useful to have a big cap, is there anything interesting/useful I can do with an unpolarised electrolytic? Or the big cermics?

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Ah awesome, I didn't really know what they were useful for at all. It seems like audio crossovers are the only application where they might be useful.