Need some help finding the best solution

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Hi everyone!
I've been working with BX24 for quite some time.
Here, at AmberjackSolutions, we are now looking for another kind of micro controller...
We are looking for one with multiple counters, ADCs, I/O pins, memory and an Ethernet card included with TCP/IP stack and http support.
The best would be a supplier of several different microcontrollers, thast we could choose depending on the project in hand...
Any suggestions or comments on this topic are greatly appreciated.
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Friend, maybe you should squeak out a bit more about the project.

These days, you can get uC's with ADC's, different #'s or I/O pins..

Speed of operation and pricing will be your major concern.

Is there a particular flavor of uC that your developers have become accustom to?

Have they been using something thus far and just want to add to the power without having to re-learn or completely learn a new language?

I have experience with many a uC. (Not as many as some folks, but I can hold my own ;) )

If you have a particular job you would like the uC to perform, let it be known, as it will help us help you.