Need some help (Automotive paddleshift)

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    Apr 22, 2008
    Im making a paddleshift controller for my Smart Fortwo. The circuit is pretty simple, but im a bit stuck. Looking for a alternative route.

    If you look at the attached schematic. All the way to the right, i have drawed the excisting wiring for the HORN relay(CAR wiring box), just to show my problem.

    The cutoff diode in parallel (D2) is obvious something i will need. But there's gonna be alot of hazzle to place it there. The signal cable of the lowside of the relay coil is what i have easy access to.

    Are you guys seeing a alternative route i can take?

    And since youre allready here: Im new to automotive circuits. I think i have done my homework, but if you do see anything i might have missed out. Let me now :)

    Jan :D
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