need some advice on how to study for engineering

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Hi, im currently in college (sophomore) as an undeclaed major but i would like to be in computer engineering so i am taking the outline for comp eng majors. I took the required courses so far, but I need atleast a 3 gpa to get in the major. The first term of freshman year i did horribly which made it even harder to get in the major. This means that i need to get all A's for next term which is next to impossible considering the grades i got so far. I really need to get into the major next term as i will be a junior next year without a major which is very frustrating.
Do you guys have any tips on how to study to get good grades next term i would be taking Electronic Circuit Analysis and Design by Donald Neamen and another course with LAB which uses PSPICE for design based on the other course. Any recommendations / study guides.

basically i have only 2 hours a day to study

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