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Hi all,

I am stuck up in my new project. and the following is a part of it . my objective is to build a small flying machine and few mechanical components for navigation purpose. iam in search of a dc motor assembly with a driver circuit. i planned to buy this one as a module but the constraint is the weight . The machine needs to be like a helicopter. Imean if the machine can maintain the attitude or its position by running the motor in a constant speed mode then iam much happy. I need you all to suggest me some flying toys or motor and drive cicuits. which are readily avilable in the market so that i can rip out the motor and drive mechanisms from it to use it in my project. one more info is that i am familiar with the PWM scheme for running a DC Motor at variable speed. which motor should i use ?. i tried the radio motor but it is bulky and hence i dropped the idea.

my payload will be 300 gms excluding the battery and motor.

please let me know the details where to find the motor.

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Have you checked ?

You can also get spares for the Hirobo XRB series, these are wired to the controller, not really RC.

Parts for the bladerunner, based on the proxfyer principle, are available at

These helicopters use double rotors, usually the lower one is free and the top one is mechanically stabilized, confering the helicopter a great stability. I have seen the Hirobos remain in the same spot, hands free, for almost 2 minutes. I think this is related to the "constant speed" part of your question.

Parts for the Hirobo are cheap and readily available.

You could also check the uspto for patent no. 20040245376