need program for image comparision

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can any one help me by proving code for image comparison and for time delay in matlab, as we are doing project on image processing based traffic light control


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If they are the same size and resolution, go across, pixel by pixel, NAND each byte from image 2 from image 1 to create image 3.

You end up with everything the same between the two images, there will be some artifacts, especially if you are using JPG compressed images. Though mostly a dark image with what the changed parts showing.

If the camera is at a fixed view, you could constrain the search for change to a certain area of the image.

A GREAT course on image processing is the Imagemagick suite, it is sort of like a command line photoshop to use in shell scripts in *nix, but is also ported to windows. It is open source, and you can look for very efficient C code for compare images, with various output options.