Need PCB


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Well, there is no time like now to get started in it. :)

Sparkfun has a good tutorial on Eagle, if that's what you want to use.

As it is, you have no pin numbers on the IC; it'll be difficult to figure out what goes to where without pin numbers.


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getting no help from any one, i think it's time to leave this forum
So you expect people on a web forum to spend at least a few hours recreating your schematic/parts/component layout,etc.. and doing the board layout. Yeah good luck with that.
Now start talking money and you might have a chance.

This board is an excellent source of information and help but what you are asking for is far more than just a few minutes/comments of someones time.

Designing a proper PCB is not just a 5 minute exercise.
Just a schematic alone is not enough information to design a pcb for you either.


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We seem to have a lot of other folks on here that are interested in participating and learning about their hobby, rather than just expecting someone to do it all for them.

This project would not have ended with the circuit board; it would also require someone to design all of the magnetics (HF transformers and baluns) needed. Meanwhile, switching supplies are certainly not projects for a beginner to take on; they are too complex and require at least intermediate skills to complete satisfactorily. At a minimum, an oscilloscope would be required for testing/troubleshooting.


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Because he is trying to reverse engineer someone elses work, instead of doing the work himself, now he even wants someone else to do the reverse engineering for him too... wow, some people's children...


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nerdegutta said:
How about R17?
Did you mean the robotic arm,then let me say this.R17 just replied me on my PM to pass this message on...
R17 said:
How many times I have to tell you----"DO IT YOURSELF"
The time you spent on just asking could learnt EAGLE.
Its never late start now...

Good luck