Need PCB layout tool to import Tina ti netlist

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Having tried Express PCB, Eagle [demo], Yenka/Real PCB, FreePCB, and LTSpice IV, I finally happened on to TINA-TI and fell in love. But I can't find a PCB program that will import the netlist. TINA will export for Tina (*.CIR) OR for PSpice (*.CIR), which don't seem to fit anybody elses specs [except probably the full blown TINA suite, which is way out of my price range]. Can someone recommend TINA-importable software for PCB design, or is there a converter or translator or something that will change TINA's netlist into PADS or Allegro or anything else? I think I have found programs that will import every other possible format except Tina and PSpice. Or is this the point where I need to break out the text editor and figure out how to translate it by hand?

I really like TINA.

I appreciate any advice you can offer.