need output ic for radio

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i just got a pioneer car radio and the output was bad but it is a nice radio and everything else works . the output ic is a pal007a , i had a pal005a and all the pins mached up so i gave it a shot and it atually worked . but now im wondering what the difference between the 2 are ? there is also a pal006a they put in these . i cant find any specs on any of them and the 007a is kinda hard to find (other than from pioneer) but the 005a and the 006a are everywere and cheap . like i said the radio works now i am just wondering what the difference is because if 1 of the others would sound better i would invest in it .


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hi bern 376.


have not seen the datasheets of the audio power ic's that you have mentioned. however you are asking what's the difference between these chips. usually if the chips are pin compatible they connote only differences in output power. since your original is 007a and had replaced it with 005a and it work fine, then their basic diffrence is output power but it could go higher or lower than the original.

if you could have pasted the specsheet of your item i could give you further insight of the performance of that chip :)


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I'm pretty sure that the 005 is a slightly lower power version of the 007a.
I have also successfully substituted the TDA7560 for the PAL007a, which has very similar specs, same pinout, is readily available and considerably cheaper. From memory the 007 is optimisticaly rated at 55W x 4 at about 14.4 volt supply into 2 ohms at 10% THD.