Need of urgent help. Data Acquistion system

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    May 2, 2014
    I am a final year engineering student from Bangalore. I am stuck in my project. My project is about data acquisition system.We are using the ATMEL microcontroller AT90USB1287 and lab view software. We need to load the microcontroller using ISP programmer and the sync the hardware and software. Hardware and software parts are ready. don't know how to proceed.
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    May 11, 2009
    For this you will as you say need some sort of Atmel programmer. If your school use Atmel microcontrollers in their programming courses they must for sure have some programming equipment also
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    First, download and read this short application note that explains how in-circuit programming is done and how to layout your circuit board for in-circuit programming. (Atmel application note AVR-910

    A list of development tools from Atmel

    Here is a link to the one ISP programmer user's guide. It is only one of several good programmers.

    You can use (free) AVRStudio to write assembly language code and to program the chip via the programmer.

    Newbie's Guide To AVR Development

    All About Circuits is the best place to ask questions about electronics. The best place on the internet to ask questions about AVR controllers and programming them is the forum at