Need of Solar Grid Tie inverter circuit

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I am doing a project in solar based project. I wish to built an Solar inverter which has dual chargeable facility. Please share the circuits needed for it and components required. I wish to built this inverter for the capacities between 300 to 800 WP


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You'll need to be much more clear about what you want. Your title says "grid tie" but you didn't mention that in the text. And what is a "WP"?

Specify the voltage and current you expect at the input, and exactly what sort of output you want (sine or square wave? peak and sustained current?). The experts here will likely have additional questions. You should also do some research to find a schematic of your own. Folks here will consult, but few here are interested in doing your homework for you.

If you're planning a grid tie, don't. It's not a project suitable for DIY without a LOT of skill and knowledge.


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You will most likley need approval of electric co to tie in- home-made will not cut it. My Sunny Boy 5000US has been on line for a year now, cranking out 11,000 trouble free kWh.