need mosfet & driver tfor 30 VDC, 22 amp pulse into 1.3 ohm

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    Nov 13, 2012
    We have a primer (gets hot quick) of 1.3 ohm. There's a 150 ft long, 12 ga cable between it and electronics. Using LTSPICE, I tried various mosfets and LT's drivers and test jigs, and they worked until I decreased the load resistor they had to about 50 ohms. The mosfet output turns on briefly, and shuts off while my input to the driver is still high. Any ideas for three things: mosfet, driver chip, and pspice models for them? Or, just mosfet & driver and circuit to make it deliver 22 amps from a 30 VDC source for 250 microseconds? The primer burns out after this time. Thanks.
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    Does your cable consist of two AWG12 wires such as Romex 12-2, or ???
    Have you considered wire resistance? If you are using 12-2, you will need 40V to get 22 Amps through your primer.

    EDIT: Where does the 250uS pulse come from? We need to know that to be able to show you how to drive your MOSFET.
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