need major help with fixing my solder bridge.

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i was soldering some kynar wires on to a small chip (smaller than a 5 cent coin) without flux. one thing led to another and soon i had solder blobs all through the legs of the chip. and no matter how much i tried i couldnt get the blobs of solder off the legs. the chip is already on the board and i cant remove the chip. i tryed wick and a sucker but the chip is too small to remove all the excess solder
is there a way i can remove all excess solder and get it back to normal without removing the chip. i am a bit of a newb.
i am also looking to buy some good flux from somwhere near parramatta in sydney.
my soldering iron is a 15watt.:confused::confused::confused:


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I have found that a 15W iron is not powerful enough to heat the braid and the solder, so I have a 30W iron for that use.

Another trick -- which I have used with vias -- is to ADD solder, and let both liquify and merge before trying to remove the solder.

And soldering without flux is, generally, A Bad Idea. You should get solder with the flux built into it. Saves time and trouble, and you get that lovely piney smell. :D



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Yeah, 15W is a bit weak as was mentioned.

What I do to remove a bridge is soak it in liquid flux and apply the braid. I wet the tip of the iron slightly, then press it against the wick.

The solder helps conduct heat to the wick, the flux makes the braid irresistable for the solder, and you should have next to nothing left on the joint.



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Flux is great - but the basic purpose of flux is to remove the dirt and grime that you didn't remove before attempting to solder/desolder the joint.

Isopropyl alcohol (91% or better) should be used to clean the junctions.

Rosin flux will still be required to reflow the solder, however having a clean joint will speed things up considerably.

Isopropyl alcohol will also help a great deal in cleaning up the finished board.