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    Sep 7, 2008
    hey guys ..helo i'm new to the forum yet and am an student of final yr. electrical engg. working on my project viz. VFD(variable frequency drive) anyone help me out as i'm not getting the componenmjts like igbt's of the following range ....230V,10A............
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    Greetings! And welcome to AAC!

    I've moved your post into its own thread, where it will draw more responses.

    Please refrain from "hijacking" existing threads with tangent or off-topic questions. You can create new threads for new questions using the "New Thread" button on the upper left of the page. The thread you posted in was a year old.

    Could you clarify your request - I am not aware of an IGBT with a voltage rating less than 600 volts, and 10 amps is trivial for one to handle. Or are you not able to purchase the IGBT?
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    Nov 29, 2005
    Some derfunct computer switching power supplies have successfully donated me many healthy mosfets capable of considerable current, typically 2SK2648, 2SK1531, etc.
    Check what discarded equipment you can put your hands on and canibalize for parts if you cannot find them at your location. ;)