NEED HELPPPP with transistors. thanks.

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    Mar 30, 2009
    I have a schematic.. and I need help ordering the transistors... It takes a 2N3904 , a 2N5088 and then for two other transistors in the project it says 2N5457 or J201 .... according to wikipedia [which i know is a terrible resource for the most part.. ] the 2N3904 is NPN BJT? 2N5457 J2o1 is a JFET? 2N5088 is NPN? I am reallly reallyyyy new to electronics.. i realized that electronics is the only thing i want to learn anything about when i started circuit bending... but circuit bending is pretty lame in my opinion, in the sense that it can only really be taken so far for beginners.. I want to learn to compose my own circuits eventually.. and obviously modify existing ones.. I will be going to school next semester.. but until then, i'll need your help. If anyone could let me know about the transistors i listed above, that'd be great.. they're going into a tremelo audio processing circuit. If you need the schematic to be able to tell... let me know. THANKS
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    A schematic always helps.
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