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    Jan 25, 2013
    I am currently working on a project which requires me to design a filter that reduces ripple to the maximum extent and at the same time withstand currents greater than 2A.
    There are various filter configurations available like the series inductor, shunt capacitor, LC choke input and CLC
    filters. Which among these is the best choice? Is there a better configuration?
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    Nov 27, 2012
    A simple LC filter (series inductor followed by a parallel capacitor) may work fine. Important things to pay attention to are that the inductor has a saturation current of maybe twice the 2A and also low dc resistance, and that the capacitor can handle high ripple currents. How much depends on what your are driving and probably the frequency you are using.
    How much inductance the inductor needs will also depend on your frequency. How well the whole circuit works will also depend a lot on how you wire it. Long wires in the wrong places can wreck the filter's performance.
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