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does any one know how to design latch circuit using transistor and R ,C COMPONENET AND ALSO DESIGN COMPARATOR BY TRANSISTOR


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Here is a good transistor latch. I don't have anything on a transistor comparator right now but you should be able to do a search on line and come up with something. It's all out there, just use Google and you will be surprised.

I have used this and recently so I know it works.


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As strantor says, it will help us to help you, if you give your threads a meaningful subject line.
"Need help", "Help me", etc. does not tell us anything that is useful. Worse, it is somewhat annoying to those of us who have been on the Forums for a long time.

"Help on discrete transistorized latch circuit schematic" is very helpful for us.
"Help with discrete comparator circuit" is also very helpful.