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More information is needed to give a good answer.
What will be the purpose of this inverter?
What power is needed?



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Was the motor designed to run from 220v 100Hz ~4A? Or was it designed to operate from 50Hz?

Here in the USA, we have 120V 60Hz power from wall outlets, and there is usually also 240V available for large appliances like stoves, clothes dryers, heating/AC plants, etc.

In most other parts of the world, 220VAC 50Hz is the standard.

Do you have AC power available, or are you planning on trying to operate this inverter from a large bank of batteries?

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in my country , the power supply is 220v 50 hz and the motor design is 220v 50 hz and i cant change its design and i want to make the motor work on 100 hz 220 v to take its speed higher as i calculate


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What country are you in? Right now, all we know is that you are not in the USA. We have no idea what parts you might be able to buy where you are.


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Those types of inverters are not very good. Very inefficient, no output voltage regulation, poor frequency stability. Besides, that one was designed to run from a 12v battery. Since you have 220v available, yours should be operated from 220v to minimize losses.

But, that would require a good bit of experience to design and build it - and by your previous and current questions, I don't think that you have yet learned the skills that will be necessary for such a project.

You really need to start out with some much smaller projects.