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I am going to organize an event in my class for which I require few questions related to digital electronics. I will highly appreciate all you people if you help me finding new and twisting questions.

The format of the event is like:
The maximum time given to a team is 4-5 hours in which it has to design and implement 2 out of the 5 given questions. So anyone advicing me please keep these specipications in mind.

The level of problems should be upto 2nd year engineering and use of microcontroller NOT is allowed.One can use simple ICs of logic gates,timers etc

Please help me,I am also thinking about a few.

Thanks in advance

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What about utilizing the differing forms of ADC/DAC's???

Flash ADC, Ramp ADC, Delta-Sigma(although that would probably get complicated!)

You could do 4 or 8 bit converters, so as to save time and components

Being completely honest, I'm a rank beginner in the field, and only a Freshman EE Student.....Professionally, I'm a recording engineer. My only real experience with digital electronics is in the audio field, where we use 24-bit systems with a Sampling Rate of 44,100Hz-96000Hz.....


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Originally posted by fahadatnet@Dec 28 2005, 08:57 AM
No only basic ICs are to be used. No ADC,Flash memories can be used.

Thanks for replying
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how about designing a resettable monostable timer using a 555. the timer can be reset even if it's in a middle of a count.



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How about designing a digital lock, where the lock requires the input of a 3-digit sequence to open the lock. You could have a green LED indictaing that the input sequence was correct, and a red LED indicating that the input sequence was wrong.

This may be more sophistocated than a few hours work, but it may be worth a consideration.