Need help with volume control for circuit.

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Please refer to the attached schematic for this question. I built the circuit exactly as described in the enclosed schematic and it works great. The only problem is that I need to add a volume control for the speaker output. I was thinking of using a 2n2222 npn transistor as an amplifier and a 5k variable resistor to adjust the sound.
I was hoping you could assist me by posting a schematic with the solution and explaining how your fix works. Thank you for your time with this question. :confused:



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Wait. I get it. You intend to use the single ended output option with a coupling capacitor to drive a 2N2222. Right?

Just put an audio taper volume control between the coupling capacitor and the transistor.



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According to the datasheet page 4, you can use a single output pin on the ic for lower volume, with a dc blocking capacitor in series with your speaker to ground, the ic gives four times the volume using its complimentary +/- pins,so you could use this method..


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