need help with voltages for a touch screen

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    Feb 1, 2009
    I know very little about circuits and things, but i acquired a pretty old (i think 1995) touch screen monitor for pretty cheap. I knew it did not have the power cable and but did not know what kind of cable it needed. It ends up that it is a pretty strange wire I haven't never seen. I decided i could open it up to find the voltages of each part and make my own power supply because I assume that's what it needs. I started by looking each chip and the specs up individually but only found a few. My goal is just to make it turn on and not fry.

    Here is what I have been able to find. pinouts.asp

    this is the middle size chip on the bottom of the pic with the three chips.
    This is the controller for the backlight I am assuming. This plugs into the middle chip in the picture which then plugs into the largest chip. The largest one requires power but i really don't know how much. The only code I can see on this largest chip says "assy # 21-OEO1-0044"

    And thats about it. I haven't gotten too far.

    just tell me if you need to know anything else to help and thank you in advance